How to Save 75% of Your Income

The younger you are the more frugal you have to be. The prime time for saving and investing are your 20s and 30s: save for an emergency fund, try to figure out your long-term financial goals and start building a portfolio with passive income. Moreover, having a full-time job doesn’t mean that you should not…Continue readingHow to Save 75% of Your Income

Running Effective Virtual Meetings

Before 2020 virtual meetings were not the norm for the majority of corporations. However, for international corporations, virtual Skype and Zoom calls have been an effective way of communication for decades. Not only does it save travel time and reduce expenses but it can also provide more room for discussion and innovation, as virtual meetings…Continue readingRunning Effective Virtual Meetings

5 Ways to Ace that Final

Let’s be real, solely passing the final is the main goal for the majority of students. What if you can find a way to study faster, better, and achieve higher grades? Read this article to discover your right study approach. 1) Discover your way of memorization You need to identify what way makes it easier…Continue reading5 Ways to Ace that Final

Understanding Fixed and Variable Costs

The sooner you start your financial journey the sooner you will build your financial freedom. You don’t need to join business school in order to be financially savvy and anyone can and must learn about money. The first step, however, is to understand how you manage the money that you already have. If you don’t…Continue readingUnderstanding Fixed and Variable Costs