Millennial Warrior

Inspired by late-night talks, networking events, and the realization that millennial living is easier when experiences are shared with each other.

Hello, I’m Christel.

I’m a second-generation Filipino immigrant, Marketeer and Consultant, who currently lives in Austria. If you would ask my 10-year-old self, she probably would have told you that she will look for a profession in the music industry. Fast forward, I ended up studying business, approaching a completely different path than the rest of my family. With their support though, I managed to obtain my bachelor’s and master’s degree within 5 years, while working in Austria, the Philippines, and Germany.

Since then I have worked at Fortune 500 companies, with more countries and in industries that are still mainly dominated by men, while being at times the only Asian and negotiating with peers with work experience equal to my own age. Luckily, I figured though that I wasn’t the only one striving for female empowerment and that there is a whole tribe of people who are trying to figure out personal finances, the meaning behind living a fulfilling life and all that comes with adulting. So, here I am, giving you free tips, sharing adulting lessons and everything else you want me to write about.

I’m aware, I still have a lot to learn but I have always been curious. It is empowering to learn from people with more, different and similar life experiences. Let’s figure things out together and take life into our own hands.

What MW can do for YOU.

Although, we all walk our own unique paths, questions like: how to find a job, how can I manage my finances wisely, how to invest in stocks, what side hustles are possible, how can I overcome a quarter life crisis and so much more are questions that we all ask ourselves, to a certain degree, at some point in life. Certainly, I made my share of mistakes because I didn’t have anyone who would guide me through the early years of my career nor did I have anyone close to me who was financially savvy. Millennial Warrior is the beginning of returning the lessons learned and about helping you find your support system, when you don’t know where to begin.

I genuinely believe that you owe it to yourself to live a fulfilling life and for everyone visiting this page, this may have a different meaning. Realize, however, that you must not know and have it all. Instead choose to control what matters to you, this could be your happiness, finances, career, educational or financial path. I need to add also what worked for some warriors won’t work for you, and vice versa. If there’s anything that you should take away from visiting this website is that having courage and doing whatever it takes, is all you need in order to become a Millennial Warrior.

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