How to Publish a Podcast in 2022

As of December 2021, I decided that 2022 will be the year that I start my podcast. Shortly after Everything Life with Christel was born, available on Spotify, Apple, and Google Podcasts. The goal of the podcast is to share my learnings and the inspiring lives of the incredible humans that are part of my life. I have shared for instance how to invest in stocks, how to publish a book, how to create an online community, or how to start a business. In the following paragraphs I will explain what steps are necessary for a successful podcast.

1) Just do it

Often when we get started we like to overthink and I belong to those people. Then one day in December 2021 I decided to set my doubts aside and told myself “Just do it, record the first episode.”

After recording that first episode I made sure to sit in front of my MacBook right away and start the editing process. I knew that if I wouldn’t edit that episode I would have just kept the recording to myself, in short, I would have never bothered to put it out.

MW TIP It’s important to note that you don’t need all the fancy equipment, I recorded my first episodes and my podcast trailer with my phone. I only invested in a proper microphone after I got into the rhythm and when I noticed that this is something I want to do for a longer period (For my podcast I use the Rode NT-USB).

2) Finding the right platform

After editing my first episode I did some online research on how I can share my podcast to Spotify and other music providers. This is when I found Anchor, a podcast creation platform. Side note: I do not get paid for my podcast through Anchor, as I am based in Europe. This is different for other countries i.e. in the USA Anchor users can get paid by including ads or by reaching a certain number of podcast listeners.

What made me decide to share my podcast through Anchor is that one upload to the platform allows me to upload my podcast to multiple music streams. After you upload everything to Anchor and fill out the basic information about your podcast, everything gets automatically uploaded to Spotify, Apple, and Google podcasts. All you have to do is to copy-paste your RSS Feed and there you go, each episode will be uploaded to the famous music and podcast platforms automatically.

3) Create a cover photo

The photo of your podcast is very important as people tend to browse rather than read. Make sure that your cover photo has the name displayed of your podcast in a visible font and make sure to use eye-catching colors in the image.

Also, you can switch up the photo for each episode and also change the cover photo of your podcast later. A free tool that is easy to use is Canva, the basic version without payment is also sufficient.

4) Set the ambiance with music

Music in podcasts is important, especially at the beginning and end of a podcast episode. In the beginning, you want to set the right scene with your listeners.

Make sure that the music is not too loud and that you have a unique jingle. I use for example Epidemic Sounds for my episodes, but have the same jingle that is played in the first 3 seconds of every episode. I wouldn’t advise for the music to be heard for the entire longevity of the episode, after all your voice will be among the content, the distinguishing factor from all other podcast creators. At the end of each episode, I advise you to share with your listeners where they can find more information and how they can reach out to you.

5) Attracting regular listeners

Think about how you want to attract the right people. Will you attract people to your podcast because your podcast is about interviewing people and they will then attract the audience? If that is the case, what makes you unique, and what is your podcast mainly about?

If your goal is to also share your personal brand then I would advise you to not only have episodes with dialogues but also solo episodes, where you speak alone. Furthermore, if you want to create a community with your listeners it is important to use social media. However, finding the right social media channel will take some testing and patience.

6) Create an outline

Whether you decide to have solo episodes or dialogues it is important to do some research, what content is already published and what value can you add to the content online? For solo episodes note-taking before recording is also important this will save you the “uhm’s” during editing, make sure that you still sound like you are speaking naturally, don’t have full sentences/paragraphs in your outline.

For interview-style episodes, it is also important to share some of the questions in advance, so your counterpart is less nervous. Here I also advise not to share all the questions with your interviewee and to see for yourself during the dialogue where the conversation will go, and then adjust the questions accordingly.


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