Hybrid Work Life Hacks

With the ever-changing digital transformation and the ongoing pandemic, a new way of working has emerged for many – remote work. Those who can benefit from remote work have either chosen to work from home full-time or a hybrid work model, a mix of working from home or from different locations. This article is about how to stay productive when you change your work environment often and are frequently on the go.

1) Find your environment

With over 2 years into the pandemic, remote workers have gained new styles of working. You might be working at the office more frequently now but find yourself in a position where your environment isn’t the same: new colleagues, new teams, or even a new workplace. Therefore, it is important to ask what you have gained from remote work and what you like when working from the office, whether that’s different equipment, better internet connection, or meeting rooms. You soon will notice, what works in one environment doesn’t work in another environment.

2) Team up with family and colleagues

Take control of your schedule, figure out when you need to stay at home, when you have family commitments, and what work needs to be done in person with your colleagues. Planning your schedule 2 weeks in advance gives colleagues enough time to find a work schedule that works for everyone involved.

3) Have a To-Go-Kit

A small case or bag in your work bag with all the necessary portable equipment is essential. Ask yourself “What equipment and devices do you need when working from home and when working remotely?”. Then figure out whether you need any equipment twice and what can be digitized as one i.e. your notes or calendar.

Once you have a list of the necessary equipment, think about what can be kept safely in the office storage or your desk storage i.e. keyboard or computer mouse. Also, think about what is only “a nice to have” when working remotely i.e. additional webcam. Once you have your To-Go-Kit you will carry less during your commute.

4) Finding the right environment

Think about when you need to work in a quiet environment and when smaller distractions, like colleagues stopping by at your desk, are alright. If you find yourself in a position where you get disrupted by someone, whether that is at home or in the office, always make sure to write down what you were working on before you got disrupted, so you don’t forget what you have been working on.

Whether you are working from home or from different environments, think about where, what, and who you need to work in a productive environment. Once you have this figured out it will also be easier to decide in the long run what work model works best for you.


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