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A lot of wisdom and useful advice for anyone. If you need more personal advice, just contact Christel, MW founder. She will take the time to hear you out, it’s like talking to an adulting coach, in my case, a career coach.

Sarah, on Millennial Warrior Career

I feel more in control of my finances. If you want financial advice that is attainable, you need to read the finance blogs. They are raw, real, easy to follow.

Alysson, on Millennial Warrior Finance

Health is wealth, we all know that. Reading the wellness blogs on self-care, was the reminder I needed. Thank you to Karen, who forwarded me this page.

Sofie, on Millennial Warrior Wellness

Getting a university degree is challenging, Millennial Warrior shares with you all the secrets so that you can graduate. My approach to my studies has changed, I have better grades now and will hopefully graduate soon.

Eli, on Millennial Warrior University