5 Accurate Investing Tips

When it comes to investing a lot of people struggle with where to start. And yet if that leap is not taken people hinder themselves from living a secure and comfortable life. Here are 5 investing tips in order of their importance because ditching that Starbucks coffee cannot be considered real financial advice. 1) Always…Continue reading5 Accurate Investing Tips

How to Take Effective Breaks: The 9 to 5 in a Hybrid Work Culture

Having the option to work from home or in the office is a privilege but for some, it may even add more stress. In fact, what you do during your break matters, nobody wants to burn out. Breaks are crucial, not only does time management affect how you deal with work stress but it can…Continue readingHow to Take Effective Breaks: The 9 to 5 in a Hybrid Work Culture

Beginners Guide: Cryptocurrency Investing

Like many individuals that have heard about cryptocurrencies, I too first thought that the cryptocurrency hype would have vanished by now. Considering that Bitcoin was only created in 2009, more digital currencies being traded, and more countries accepting crypto payments, it seems like crypto is here to stay. Having learned more about the technology and…Continue readingBeginners Guide: Cryptocurrency Investing

Skills You Need for the Future of Work

Technology is moving faster than expected, forcing all of us to shift our mindset. In the past, job specialization was enough to grow the professional ladder. Today, career and retirement can no longer be guaranteed. Unless a person’s job is unionized, skills can be easily replaced through artificial intelligence. That’s why it’s important to think…Continue readingSkills You Need for the Future of Work

7 Money Rules Everyone Needs To Follow

Managing money is an important and critical skill that everyone needs to learn and yet money is not being taught in school. This is why it is so important to learn everything about personal finance. Having been exposed to individuals with different lifestyles and financial assets intrigued me to learn how people manage their money.…Continue reading7 Money Rules Everyone Needs To Follow

The Secret to Designing Your Career

No matter what job position you have or in what industry you work in, anyone can proactively influence the outcome of their career. When you ask individuals, who genuinely enjoy their profession, about how they created their career, they all share the common belief that everyone is responsible for their own career. While job experience…Continue readingThe Secret to Designing Your Career