Hybrid Work Life Hacks

With the ever-changing digital transformation and the ongoing pandemic, a new way of working has emerged for many – remote work. Those who can benefit from remote work have either chosen to work from home full-time or a hybrid work model, a mix of working from home or from different locations. This article is about…Continue readingHybrid Work Life Hacks

How to Publish a Podcast in 2022

As of December 2021, I decided that 2022 will be the year that I start my podcast. Shortly after Everything Life with Christel was born, available on Spotify, Apple, and Google Podcasts. The goal of the podcast is to share my learnings and the inspiring lives of the incredible humans that are part of my life. I…Continue readingHow to Publish a Podcast in 2022

How to Manage a Full-Time Job With a Side Hustle

Digitalization has made it easier than ever to have a side hustle as an additional income stream and 2020 changed the global economy creating the gig economy. Before I share how to juggle multiple jobs, let me give you some background context to my career. Learning how to master time management started for me during…Continue readingHow to Manage a Full-Time Job With a Side Hustle

Millennial Money: Must Know

The sooner you will follow these money rules, the more they will pay off in the long run. On the bright side, it is never too late. What matters is that you take the leap and just start. 1) Get rid of your ego Living below your means can really impact your ego, because of…Continue readingMillennial Money: Must Know

Checklist: Renting Your First Apartment

In reality, buying a home isn’t good for everyone and paying rent isn’t always a waste of money. Along with financial reasons, always consider your social and professional situation as well. For example, you just started a new job, are moving to a new city, or simply have not yet laid out a long-term plan.…Continue readingChecklist: Renting Your First Apartment

5 Accurate Investing Tips

When it comes to investing a lot of people struggle with where to start. And yet if that leap is not taken people hinder themselves from living a secure and comfortable life. Here are 5 investing tips in order of their importance because ditching that Starbucks coffee cannot be considered real financial advice. 1) Always…Continue reading5 Accurate Investing Tips