Self-care: The 20/20/20 Formula

It is important to take care of your body and soul. While giving your all at work and being actively present for your family, one can easily forget to look after oneself. Robin Sharma is one of my favorite authors, reading The 5AM Club once a quarter has changed my life for the better. I have become more productive, reflective, educated, and healthier. That’s why I am sharing with you his 20-20-20 mantra with slight adaptations. This way you will follow a personal 60-minute daily routine focusing on three pillars of self-care: movement, reflection, and learning.

Train like the Spartans

Start the first 20 minutes with a run, the gym or an exercise of your choice. The Spartan warriors used to say “Sweat more in training and bleed less in war.”. A workout will release dopamine and serotonin, which are neurotransmitters signaling motivation and happiness to your body and mind. Not only does this equip you with energy but you will also feel more focused and less susceptible to stress and anxiety. This is especially a great way to start your day, as you will feel mentally more prepared for the day.

Look back and forward

For the next 20 minutes dedicate your mind to 10 minutes reflecting and 10 minutes goal setting, find a room or a place where you can be alone. This is the time to express gratitude for what you have, your past experiences and to set your goals for the day. These goals could be as simple as asking yourself, what steps are necessary to get through the day to bigger steps necessary to live a greater life. Ask yourself what you need to do and what you can effectively control in the next few hours, then write this down on a sheet of paper.

Expand your knowledge

Dedicate the last minutes of your morning formula towards educating yourself. Listen to inspiring podcasts, read an autobiography, or learn a new skill. Personally, I enjoy this part most because it is an easy way to learn about other people’s mistakes and to broaden my horizon. These are the 20 minutes where you will experience that learning is infinite.

I know following this rigorous routine can be difficult, so choosing what fits best will influence the effectiveness and your willingness to change your habits. You can also follow this routine at night instead of the morning or split the 20/20/20 sessions throughout your day. Just don’t forget that taking care of yourself is not selfish, you can only do good to others if you do good to yourself.


Lift Your Mood – We are all human, we all have days where we are not feeling like ourselves.

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