Lift Your Mood

We all have those days or go through a time period where we feel down, unmotivated, frustrated, angry, or sometimes we don’t even know why we are not quite feeling like ourselves. It is absolutely fine to feel the way you are feeling because we are all human. This article is not about fixing you but instead about helping you lift your mood in the best possible way you can. Also, you may have tried some of the recommendations already, and by no means is there a one size fit all solution nor do you have to do them simultaneously. Still, try one or more of the suggestions that you feel most comfortable with. We Warriors, believe that you can feel better if you keep trying.

1) Take a walk outside.

Nature can be more curing than we think, take a one hour walk outside regardless of the weather condition. Just take your wallet, keys, and phone with you but no further distractions like headphones or pets, this walk is about you. The fresh air, sunlight, sounds, even wind or rain can provide comfort. If you live in the city, are surrounded by buildings and have no greenery near you, try not to walk the “city rush walk”, instead take in slowly the people, the buildings and the sky.

2) Buy a plant, bouquet, or pluck some flowers.

Bringing nature into your own home is also a great way to be one with nature and to change the home atmosphere. A plant is especially great because you can watch it grow over time, but if you don’t have a green thumb a flower bouquet is just as effective. This way you can also enjoy flowers that you don’t normally see when you are outside

3) Try to get 8 hours of sleep or take a nap during the day.

When we are not feeling fine this can also influence our body or is perhaps already influencing our health. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a long nap or a catnap during the day. If your body is energized your mind will also feel better.

4) Exercise.

If you are tired but your mind is going through a lot, you may find it difficult to sleep. Before you go to bed try to exercise: go to the gym, follow a workout video, or go for a run. Not only will exercising help you to sleep better but it also releases endorphins, the chemical that will signal feelings of happiness and well-being to your brain.

5) Talk with someone, meet a friend or family.

Try to reach out to friends or family, if you call someone and he/she doesn’t pick up immediately don’t be discouraged, wait and try reaching someone else meanwhile. If you want, talk about what has been going on, if you don’t feel like it just say “hi” and see where the conversation will lead. Also, if you are up for it, arrange a personal meeting. Sometimes the comfort of a familiar face, a hug, or a shoulder to lean on is all that you need.

6) Don’t give in to soul food.

The reason this is important is because in the long-term you could develop a negative relationship with food and subconsciously resort to food as your comfort. Soul food in moderation is absolutely fine and hey, if a cookie can make you feel better eat that cookie but don’t make it a habit.

7) Talk to a health professional.

If you feel and know that you have been going through something longer than expected and believe that you have tried everything you are in control of, seek help from a doctor or psychiatrist. There is absolutely nothing wrong with reaching out to someone. In fact, if you do –  YOU ARE A WARRIOR.

No matter which activities of the above you are trying, continue believing, and keep reaching.


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