Why You Should Know About ETFs

There are plenty of successful investors out there that have profited from investing in stocks without having any professional financial background and there are many investors in the market that have a financial profession but lost money from investing. While no one can predict the market, like no one can predict the future, the secret…Continue readingWhy You Should Know About ETFs

Lift Your Mood

We all have those days or go through a time period where we feel down, unmotivated, frustrated, angry, or sometimes we don’t even know why we are not quite feeling like ourselves. It is absolutely fine to feel the way you are feeling because we are all human. This article is not about fixing you…Continue readingLift Your Mood

Student/Graduate on the Job Hunt

So you have started with your degree or just graduated but have no clue what job profession is right for you and where to look? You have searched all the job portals and visited company pages but do not know what to expect? Do not worry, here are some obvious secrets so that you are…Continue readingStudent/Graduate on the Job Hunt

Self-care: The 20/20/20 Formula

It is important to take care of your body and soul. While giving your all at work and being actively present for your family, one can easily forget to look after oneself. Robin Sharma is one of my favorite authors, reading The 5AM Club once a quarter has changed my life for the better. I…Continue readingSelf-care: The 20/20/20 Formula

Women – Make Yourself Heard

Women tend to follow conversational rituals like talking about “we” when we actually mean “I” and to top it off we apologize when it is not our fault. Not only does how we speak and act make us less authoritative but we can also unintentionally undermine our abilities because we simply don’t want to be…Continue readingWomen – Make Yourself Heard

Balance Academics and Work

Regardless of undergrad or graduate school, balancing a job at the same time is difficult. For the bachelor students it may be learning entire syllabi of new information, for master’s students, this could be having a leadership position at the same time. Finding the right balance is the key and figuring out what works best…Continue readingBalance Academics and Work