How to Develop a Strong Personal Brand

There is no one like you, everyone has unique skills and talents. Personal branding is about communicating who you are, your values, and your abilities. Everyone has a personal brand and it should not be solely linked with successes. After all, branding is not only for celebrities, in fact their brand was already in the making before the world got to meet them. Thus, next time you introduce yourself or share that post on social media, think about how you want to be perceived.

Know your values

The first step towards successful branding is about identifying the values and morals you want to carry through life. Differentiate between what values you want to keep to yourself and what values you think are important to share. Make a list of 5-7 things that have brought you the most happiness and satisfaction. Once you have written your list, decide what you want to communicate about yourself, also think about how this could influence people’s perceptions about you. Consider that you can always influence the narrative about you, be more mindful about how you introduce yourself and what you share with the public.

Reflect on your skills

We all have certain skills that make us special and with that I don’t mean your job role because personal branding is not employer branding. Unfortunately, when the question “Tell me about yourself.” arises, people tend to focus on their job role or employer, which minimizes your personal brand and legacy. Next time you find yourself answering this question, think about how your brand differentiates from others, what makes you unique if you were to compare yourself with people in the same industry. Understanding how to market yourself requires some reflecting and soul searching, hence remind yourself that no one has walked the same path as you.

Then, translate your values and achievements into your strengths. Take the time and reflect on your past personal and professional goals, how did you achieve them and what did you learn along the process. Once you reflect on how you became the person you are today, you will be able to identify your personal brand.

Express your goals

Sharing with the world who you are, also comes with understanding how you want to develop as a person. Whereas the previous was about the past, the next step is about the future. What goals do you hope to achieve and what needs do you have so that you get to say that you live a fulfilling life. By inviting people into your life and sharing your unique story, you also open doors for personal growth and networking.

Once you have discovered how you want to brand yourself, also be aware that your brand can and will evolve over time. Additionally, personal branding takes time, experience, and patience. If done correctly, people that interact with you online and offline will be able to articulate your personality, values, and abilities.


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